Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Hollywood Comedy Shorts will highlight short comedy, web series, TV episodic, Comedy Screenplays, and Dark Comedy shorts with the goal of screening the best comedic content from around the world for a Hollywood industry audience!

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A Chippy Off The Old Block

Darla vs. Hockey

Eat a dick, Josie


Home Invasion

Playing with Chopsticks

Red Nose, Floppy Shoes

Samurai Sword

Service Fees

The Golden Years

Thief of Nothing

Tony and Annette

Win-Eyed Monster: The Devil in Randy Dong

Nicole Stuart

Kelly Jean Karam

Montgomery Burt

Jeff Pitman

Aaron Barrocas

Carl B Clark

James Abney

James Brosnahan

Stanley Sievers

Joelle De Jesus

Joe Starzyk

David Rasch

Daisy Eagan

James Hunter