Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Hollywood Comedy Shorts will highlight short comedy, web series, TV episodic, Comedy Screenplays, and Dark Comedy shorts with the goal of screening the best comedic content from around the world for a Hollywood industry audience!

Anti-Material Sky

7 Minutes In Heaven

Brownie Points

Dennis Has A Dream

Dumbest Generation


Ghost In A Jar

Helpful New Yorker

I Am My Brothers Keeper

I Was A Teenage Jesus

Jed Steele Ep 01:  "Wash, Dry, Fold, And Die!"


Minority Hire

New Hollywood

Paid Leave

Ra Doody

Refugee Status

Remotely Working

Runnin' From The Beast


Snap Crash

Straighten Up Kid


Table For Four

The Big 3-0

The Bold Testament

The Proposal

The Three Bobs

The Undoing Of Jimmy Skidmarks By The Gangster Keaton Briley

Therapy Session

Tiburcio's Treasure

Til Death

Valerie Versus Earth


White-Collar Crime For Kids

Witch Hunter

Zombie Corp


Laura Acevedo

Taylor Rowland

Max Iacovelli

Rita Betti

Leslie Lyshkov

Gregory Orr

Gerry Gibson

Morgan Leinwohl

Cedric Shelton

Mark Dollard

Sean Whitley

Timipre Presley Prebor

Amanda R. Martinez

Rob Weinstein

Esther Farin

Spencer Wright

Catherine Schandl

Bill Baber

Michael Gavino

Gary mcVeigh

Martin Sofiedal

Fabrizio Aliata

Thomas Pace

Jim Norman

Patrick Dill

Jason Petrovitch

Pcharles Lo Manto

Roxanne Marciniak

Leal Butler                                       

Julia Bales

G. Lloyd Helm

Alexandra Marshall

Jason Boaden

James Beeler

Jason Petrovitch

Ryan Somohano

Montgomery Burt