Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Hollywood Comedy Shorts will highlight short comedy, web series, TV episodic, Comedy Screenplays, and Dark Comedy shorts with the goal of screening the best comedic content from around the world for a Hollywood industry audience!

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1st Annual Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival          Official Selections


Lopez Williams


John Lawniczak

Francis Corby Ceschin

Perez Bros

Joshua Smooha

Nathan Deming

Adam Jason Finmann

Justin Joseph Chan

Samuel Quiles Palop

Mike Roma

Anderson Cowan

Maan B. & Talha B.

Matt Cooper

Peter Mackie

Johanna Vanderspool

Ty Clancey

Danielle Burgio & Jamieson Tabb

Keagan Karnes

Bennet Silverman

Rory Uphold

Ian Mattingly

John F. Beach

Merve Tekin

Marty Keegan

Todd Kipp

Kimberly Hwang

Musashi Alexander

Kyle C. Mumford

Anaelle Morf

Chandler Kauffman

Natalia Provatas

Nicholas Woods

Ri Versteegh and Josie Martineaux

Marshall Allman

Jacob Meszaros

Ben Slatkin & Heather Girardi

Jamie Maule-ffinch

Alexander Fichera

Michael Steger & Brandee Steger

Matt Holt

Jonathan Chase

Greg Bro

Althea Root

Andy and Carolyn London

Eric Fisher

Andy Goldenberg

Michael Sykora

Adam Scott Epstein

Nic Stanich

TJ Dalrymple & Emily Sandifer

Nathan Bunker

Zach Lasry

Dillon Novak

Eric Fisher

Stephen Kramer Glickman

Peter Macaluso

Lisa Donato

Thomas Michael

Lincoln Hoppe

Jarret Tarnol

Jeanne Jo

Blake West

Adriano Valentini

Mike L Taylor

Matt Hausmann

Xavier Seron

Katherine Katz

Jay Feather & Stephanie Laing

Luke Asa Guidici

Roxanne Marciniak

Kelly Goodner

Mat Govoni

Nicolas Krief & Jean-François Chagnon

Mike Piccirillo

Rick Glassman

Greg Bro

Kenny Sharman and John Young

Chris Mangano

Morten Forland

Meghan Weinstein

Henning Ricke & Daniel Raboldt

Matteo J. Mosterts

Kyle Hansen


2 Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect


Breakfast Buddies


Coffee Virgin

Cootie Contagion


Dirty Cops

Dubstep Dodgeball

El Audífono (The Earpiece)


Everybody Dies

Film School Musical


For Annabelle

Fresh Blood

Gigi: All American

Girl Trip

Good Cop, Good Cop

Handjob Cabin (Official HD Trailer)

HelLA +

Hit The Hitman

Holloway Heights - The Web Series

Honey Pot

Huey, Duey & Lewis

Hug-O-Gram Ep. 2 Golden Showers

It's Not Always Sunny

Jackie Boy

Jamie & Jonathan

Jewish Blind Date

Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector

Lazy Actress

Like The Ant

Lonely Lil: American Father Figure

Make Like A Dog



Morning After

Murphy's Law

Not So Union

Not Sophie's Choice

Oh Em Gee

Oh Noah

Orphan is the New Orange

Our Crappy Town

Poker Face

Police and Quiet

Prop Knife

Q & A

Relationship Goals

Ruth & Norbert Catch Bigfoot

Sad Motivator




Small Business

Spanish Love 101


Stalker Breakup


Talentless Ep. 1


That Guy

The Age of Insecurity: Bed Buds

The Balcony

The Bigfoot Hunters

The Black Bear

The Cheerleader

The Crying Room

The Dead Kid Spot

The Litterbox

The Long Arm of the Leprecon

The Misfortune of Others

The Notion of Mistake

The Real Truth Behind The Real True Story: Donnie Miller

The Sixth Lead web series

Thugs the Musical: Drive-By


Time Pals

Total Awesome Viking Power

Trippin' With The Folks


Wally's Will

We'll Get It



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